Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering

Systems engineering a new option for distance learners

By Elizabeth Myers

The Engineering Online Courses Program at New Mexico State University is now offering a graduate certificate in systems engineering, providing working professionals an opportunity to integrate their work experience with advanced class work.

Systems engineering integrates all engineering disciplines and specialty groups into a team effort to bring about a successful system. It focuses on defining customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, and proceeding with design synthesis and system validation while considering problems of cost, performance and scheduling. Systems engineers consider both business and technical needs of customers with the goal of providing a quality product that meets user needs.

Courses will be taught by faculty in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering. The program will provide technical professionals a chance to advance their careers, while also providing an opportunity for non-traditional students to advance their education in areas that will foster their career development.

The program has two required courses and two electives. The required courses are Electrical Engineering 461: Systems Engineering and Project Management, and Industrial Engineering 537: Large Scale Systems Engineering. Students can choose one of three separate tracks for their elective courses: Modeling, Simulation, and Decisions; Applications; or Systems Analysis.

To earn this certificate, students must apply and be admitted to NMSU as a non-degree student, and must also be admitted to the Graduate School as well.

For more information, contact Dr. Ed Pines at (575) 646-2730 or

June 28, 2007