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New Mexico State University

Engineering Distance Education

Graduation Checklist

Final Exam and Paperwork to be completed prior to graduation:

Be sure to check the Graduate School Graduation Deadlines when submitting applications. Late fees are assessed for students filing after the deadlines. If you fail to complete all requirements by the deadline specified on the Application for Degree (Diploma), you may forfeit any fees paid, and you must reapply and pay all required fees.

Candidates take a final examination in accordance with the schedule provided by the Graduate School. The form to schedule this examination is to be submitted by the department to the Graduate School at least ten working days prior to the proposed date for the examination.

Each candidate will be given a final examination conducted by the graduate committee.

At the time of the final examination, a graduate student must have an NMSU cumulative graduate grade point average of at least 3.0 and must be enrolled in the final semester or, if the student is writing a thesis, she/he must have completed all coursework for the master's degree.

The final examination format shall be determined by the department, with the approval of the graduate dean. If a department does not specify an examination format, the final examination shall be in part an oral defense of the thesis, if a thesis has been written, and in part a general examination of the candidate's field of study.

Any candidate who fails in the final examination may (1) upon recommendation of the adviser and approval of the graduate dean, be granted a second examination after a lapse of at least one semester (or 16 weeks), or (2) be excluded from further candidacy for the degree. Failure in the second examination disqualifies a candidate from obtaining the degree. Certification that the thesis has been accepted and that the final examination has been passed successfully must be filed with the Graduate School not later than one week before the conferring of the degree.

1) Application for Committee for Master's Final Examination

The Graduate School Office
(505) 646-2736

Finalize the date and time of your final presentation with your committee before completing this form. This must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 10 days before your exam.

The master's degree committee will consist of a minimum of three faculty members holding at least a master's degree. The committee chair and one other member must be members of the student's department. The third member of the committee must serve as the dean's representative. The committee chair and the dean's representative must be members of the graduate faculty. If the student has a minor area of study then either the dean's representative or a fourth committee member must come from the minor department. If no minor is declared, the dean's representative may come from a related area (recommended by the committee chair), or be appointed independently by the Dean of the Graduate School. Departments may structure committees that include more than the minimum number of members as long as the stated conditions of membership are satisfied. Additional voting and nonvoting members may be any person approved or appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

**Two to three days after form has been submitted, check the Schedule of Oral Examinations to confirm that your presentation has been scheduled. If your date is not listed, please contact Jimmi Ickes 505-646-2737.

2) Application for Degree (Diploma)

Registrar's Office
(505) 646-3411

Application for graduation (Application for Diploma order) must be made in accordance with the deadline set forth in the Academic Calendar. The graduation application should be submitted to the registrar's office prior to the last day for registration for the final semester or summer session in which the student will be completing degree requirements.

Even if a student does not intend to attend the university commencement or receive a diploma, the application is to be made and the fee paid; otherwise, there will not be a reference on any transcript that the degree has been awarded.

Students making an application for graduation after the deadline will be assessed an additional $25 fee. No applications for graduation are processed after midterm.

If a student does not complete requirements for the semester for which application for graduation has been made, then the student must reapply and pay all applicable fees.