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New Mexico State University

Online Engineering Programs

Delivery Options for Viewing Lectures


Lectures are generally on the web the day after they are presented on campus. File sizes range from 100 to 120MB. Download time will vary depending on the speed of the Internet connection being used and the size of the file.

Downloading and Viewing Course Lectures

  • To download a lecture, right-click on the link for that lecture and select "Save link target as ..," or similar wording, depending on which browser you are using. This will save the file to your computer or flash drive. Accessing the file this way will allow you to:
    • Avoid the need to enter your username and password a second time,
    • view the lecture from your hard drive without the starts and stops characteristic of a direct feed, especially on a slow connection.
    • move about in the file to replay or skip sections, as well as employ other enhancements not available with direct feed.
    • view the lecture later, if you want to go over some particular point.
    • view the lecture while simultaneously accessing BlackBoard, as in taking a quiz or checking the published notes.
  • If you are using a public computer, e.g., in the IE lab,
    • do not ask the computer to save your username and password, and
    • be sure you have saved the lecture to your directory or portable flash drive.

NOTE: These files are large in size. Depending on the capabilities of your computer, you may need to remove lectures files once they have been viewed, deleting them or tranferring to CD or zip disk. Some students have installed a second hard drive on their machine or have purchased an external hard drive for this purpose.

  • .avi - This file can be viewed using either the Windows Media Player, or the RealOne Player.
    In order to view .avi lecture files produced with Camtasia, the TSCC codec (compressor/decompressor)will need to be downloaded and installed on your machine.
  • .wmv - This file can be viewed using either the Windows Media Player, or the RealOne Player.
  • If none of the above work, download and install the VLC video player This is recommended for Mac users who cannot view .wmv files in Quicktime.


If downloading the files from the Internet is not an option, DVD's can be mailed to you. The appropriate player will still be needed to view the lectures. Due to shipping, lectures viewed on DVD will be 2-4 days behind the campus lectures.